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Celebrate 10 years of Hot Cabinet with us!


In celebration of Hot Cabinet’s 10 year anniversary, A Hot Afternoon with Hot Cabinet is an online video jam conceived by artists Julie Moon, Zach Grosser, Carrie Hawks and Tiffany Joy Butler. The compilation of videos were curated through an open call of work from Hot Cabinet Alumnx such as Umber Majeed’s In the Name of Hypersurface of the Present and artists like Richard Taylor who created Field Pub during the pandemic lockdown in the U.K. The films poetically construct vibrant, cinematic experiences that illustrate resilience and question their present reality. While some artists contemplate their lives of isolation, anxiety and melancholy, others dream of a more kinetic life or analyze ideas of masculinity. The video works will virtually stream from Wednesday, March 10 to Sunday, March 14.

Happening on Sunday, March 14 at 4PM EST is the second part of the program: a virtual gathering to celebrate works by artists from all over the world and premiere Hot Cabinet’s participatory rotoscope project. The rotoscope animation was collaboratively drawn by artists and exemplifies how art has a transformative healing power to create, bond and activate community through play and fun creation. This sizzling hot afternoon is full of exciting programs including an open discussion on what art excites us most, a poetry reading by Natalie N. Caro, stand up comedy by Carrie Hawks and a much anticipated performance by legendary musician Jerome Jordan.

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