Pelo Buena Pelo Mala

Pelo Buena Pelo Mala: Screening and Dialogue on Anti-Blackness and Colorism within the Latinx Community

Deconstructing the narrative structure and power dynamics of cinema, as video artists and experimental filmmakers, we are creating our own mode of visual language. Video as an art form allows us to represent our truths and futures as black and brown folk. Within Spanish speaking countries in the Caribbean or Americas, the white supremacist beauty standard is light skin and straight hair, while Blacks with dark skin and thick, curly hair are seen as ugly. With this prejudice in mind, in the United States, many Black Latinx immigrants feel more included in Black American communities and identify less as Latinx. After the screening of video work from artists of African descent, we will reflect on the anti-blackness and colorism within the Latinx community as well as discuss the bold black resistance of our ancestors that existed in the Afro-Latinx culture in and outside of the States.

Participating Artists: Miatta Kawinzi, Tiffany Joy Butler, Linda Paula Marcos, Joiri Minaya, and ray ferreira