Inspired by the work of the Bronx Social Center, Hot Cabinet decided to curate a multi-layered event with an animation workshop, film screening and artist/activist talk.

In our society, there has always been an idea of what the future will hold with expressions like “when pigs can fly” or “we’re going to party like it’s 1999.” In this regard, there is an intersection between futuristic video art and experimental films and the theoretical ideas of a utopian or dystopian future. As activists are fighting to keep our communities together in the wake of gentrification, others believe that revitalization results in displacement and their idea of utopia is a luxury paradise. For the film screening of Cosmic Freedom, we are asking Bronx based video/film makers of any background, gender, creed or race to respond to our rapidly changing society and share work that depicts a futurist dream or a dystopian nightmare. Artists will be invited to participate in a post-screening talk with Bronx based activists.

Please submit the following information to be considered for this open call by Saturday, September 21st at 11:59PM.

1. First Name, Last Name
2. Address
3. Email Address
4. Phone Number
5. Website
6. Title of Work
7. Description of Work
8. URL of the Work
9. (Optional) Artist Statement

Email all this information to info@hotcabinet.net

*Submissions must run at a maximum of 10 minutes. Please email us if you are concerned about this requirement.*

No submission fee is required and artists will be compensated. You must live in the Bronx in order to be qualified for this open call.

The film screening and talk will happen on Saturday, October 5th at 6PM-8PM in the Bronx Music Heritage Center.